Welcome to Heart & Soulful!  

I truly believe that creativity feeds the soul and these days find myself nestled in the mountains between Lake Tahoe and The Carson Valley feeding my soul.   

Several years ago, I started designing jewelry that suited my life and style which are both pretty relaxed, eclectic and casual.  

My favorite color is the rainbow and I love mixing and matching things in unexpected ways.  I prefer natural semi-precious stones but sometimes throw in some beautiful glass beads as well.  I also use sterling silver, Thai silver, and Bali silver as well as a variety of African metal beads.  I work a lot with bronze because I like the fact that it looks like a shiny new penny to start but over time mellows to a gorgeous vintage patina.  I like trying new things and things I've never seen before so I started making my own open bezels in both bronze and sterling silver.  That way my pendants can be two sided.  I like using watch faces on one side and then create mini mixed media art pieces on the other side.  When I include watch hands on the faces I always set the hands to 8:28 because that was the time my son was born and also my birthday is August 28 so it's a special number for me.  I also make open heart bezels that I then fill like little wearable art hearts.  I also love nature and so there's a good chance you'll see hearts filled with pebbles or shells or anything else I pick up that might work in one of my little creations.  Bottom line, I like the look of something that has been obviously made with love and touched by the human hand.  

I also think things should be versatile and adjustable so I make my necklaces adjustable as often as possible and have started making necklaces with two bracelet extenders so that the necklace can be worn at three different lengths depending on your outfit. I made the extenders the size of a bracelet giving you even more options.  

I hope you enjoy your browsing experience and find something that makes your heart smile.

Have a fantastic day!

Sherri (your soul sister)