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Welcome to Heart & Soulful!  

I truly believe that creativity feeds the soul...that and a great hike!  While my creative endeavors have evolved over the course of my life, I currently find myself comfortably settled in at a jeweler's bench nestled in the mountains between Lake Tahoe and The Carson Valley.    

Several years ago, I started designing jewelry that suited my life and style which are both pretty relaxed and casual.  

My favorite color is the rainbow, seriously!  I also love collage and consider my style eclectic.  I have a soft spot for vintage, especially books, timepieces and mechanical parts, oh...and definitely rust...have to have a little patina!  I try to include all these favorite things in my designs. I've been mostly working with bronze because I like the fact that it looks like a shiny new penny to start but over time mellows to a gorgeous vintage patina.  But stay tuned...I'm planning to add silver as well...and knowing me...there's a good chance I'll combine the two!  I like trying new things and things I've never seen before so I started making my own open bezels.  That way my pendants can be two sided for versatility.  I like using watch faces on one side and then create mini mixed media art pieces on the other side.  When I include watch hands on the faces I always set the hands to 8:28 because that was the time my son was born and also my birthday is August 28 so it's a special number for me.  I also make open heart bezels that I then fill like little wearable art hearts.  Bottom line, I love the look of something that has been obviously made with love and touched by the human hand.  

I hope you enjoy your browsing experience and find something that makes your heart smile.

Have a fantastic day!

Sherri (your soul sister)